Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Joel karate

Joel has started karate (taekwondo) and loves it! We're just hoping he learns that it is only to be done inside of class or in self-defense before he actually knows how to hurt someone (sisters). His grin is almost as big as his kick!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Had a wonderful Easter with more egg hunts than we could keep track of. Here's a good laugh for you. I teach the 2 year olds turning 3 in church and on Sunday I was trying to get them to say the word "resurrected." So I would say it really slow and in the four syllables. Well it came to be Morgan's turn and I said it slowly again and asked her if she could say it. What came out of her mouth was absolutely hilarious. She said very slowly "Rock, paper, scissors" Where that came from out of resurrected, I have no idea but it was pretty funny. Me and the other teacher just laughed!
On our way home from church we happened across this patch of Texas Bluebonnets, so we had to stop and take some pictures!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Isn't he handsome!!

Thought I would introduce Todd's new friend. Unfortunately we were unable to bring the fellow home! The Lama would NOT leave Todd alone and followed him everywhere. It was quite hillarious. We were at the Rodeo in Houston.

Morgan is coming into her own personality! She loves for Callie to help dress her up and dance around the house. We had to "try on" her costume for the recital in May but as you can tell by the pictures she's not affraid of the spot light either.

After trying many sports, Lauryn has finally found something that she enjoys and is becoming quite a good little player. Considering her team was pulled together at the last minute and a brand new coach to the sport is coaching them- -THEY ARE UNDEFEATED!!!!!! At this level they play three games, the winner is determined at the end of 15 minutes or the first team to 25 in each game. The "Lady Panthers" have played three teams and won all 9 games by points! Lauryn actually scored the last three points in one game! We were so excited for her. (She was too!)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

We finally had a weekend with nothing going on. So we went camping!! We headed down South to Dinosaur National State Park here in TX. It was a little colder in the morning than we had expected. But we had a great time hiking around and seeing the dinosaurs. It was so cool to see the actual dinosaur prints in the river beds. It's hard to believe they are still around.